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Eric Nagy

Philadelphia Hybrid Photography


Have you ever walked around town and seen one of those bronze boot scrapers next to old steps? Or one of those leftover marble blocks that were used to help people mount their horse? Or how about just walk down the street looking at buildings from the second floor up so you could appreciate the original unchanged architecture? Every time I walk the streets of Philadelphia I can't help but wonder what it was like to walk these streets 100 years ago.

Philadelphia Hybrid Photography is my time machine. I find historic photographs and digitally merge them with photos I've taken from the exact same location the original photographer stood. It's a different take on the before and after concept. Merging the past with the present in photos is the closest I can get to going back in time.

Please keep checking back, I'm frequently putting up new prints!


Babies in Rittenhouse Square by Eric Nagy


Spring Garden Street Bridge 1876 by Eric Nagy


Market Street in Old City by Eric Nagy


Penn Square by Eric Nagy


Head House by Eric Nagy


Bellevue Hotel by Eric Nagy


South Broad Street Sheep by Eric Nagy


Shoes Polished by Eric Nagy


Penn Wistar Institute by Eric Nagy


Penn Houston Hall by Eric Nagy


Penn Hamilton Walk by Eric Nagy


Penn Dorms by Eric Nagy


Penn Cohen Logan Hall by Eric Nagy